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The health resort philosophy
Natural. Healthy. Live.

Has its origin more than 30 years ago in the healing spring area of the Freiburg Mooswald. Through the connection and close cooperation of the Mooswald Clinic with the Thermenhotel, new services were created around the recreation and health vacation, prevention, regeneration and rehabilitation. The experience and high industry competence from the branches of medicine, hotel business and gastronomy led to specific quality standards, new ideas and concepts in the premium segment of the hotel business as well as preventive and rehabilitation medicine. The Freiburg healing springs area is the origin and home of the first health resort, the Gesundheitsschutzgebiet® and GesundKunft® concepts as well as the PerGu-Cept® personal health conCepts with the PerGu-Check®.

The Gesundheitsschutzgebiet® - The well-being & relaxation space

Is born from the health resort philosophy. The hotels and resorts are harmoniously integrated into the environment, which has a direct impact on our physical, mental and spiritual health. It is our incentive to align the living environments conceptually with the health of the guests and employees with a health-promoting architecture and equipment of the living spaces. Nature and our resorts are a “health sanctuary” for people: they naturally promote the regeneration of health resources and potentials. The concept was awarded the prestigious Wellness & Spa Innovations Award in the Hotel & Spa Concepts category in 2015.

GesundKunft® - Inspiration for a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle

For a healthy lifestyle! When staying at our health resorts, people come into contact with living environments that enable a sustainable healthy lifestyle. The combination of hospitality, gastronomy and health in a natural environment lead to special moments, impressive experiences, insights and impulses for a new enjoyment of life.


The Personal Health ConCept is a holistic / comprehensive health promotion concept, which, through its modular structure, is designed to show guests health potentials and resources simply, quickly, individually and with high quality, as well as to impart health knowledge and skills. This gives guests the opportunity to achieve their personal goals for a healthy lifestyle on their own responsibility and in a sustainable manner.
With the Medical Fitness Concept and PerGu-CHECK® the idea has its origin in 1994 in the Mooswald Clinic.